Monday, March 15, 2010

Meatless Monday: It's Cool, it's Green

It's Monday and Market to Mouth is part of the movement touting the personal and environmental benefits of beginning the week meatless.

Meatless Monday is a "great challenge; a great way to ease into eating less meat," commented a reader last week, and I agree with her wholeheartedly.

And so do lots of celebs and movers and shakers, including one of my favorites: sustainable advocate, No Impact Man, Colin Beaven.

I stumbled across No Impact Man: The Documentary recently and I was reminded that a number of years ago, I'd read about Colin's attempt to live for a year without negatively impacting the environment, despite that he and his wife and their baby daughter live on 5th Avenue, New York.

Three years on from his year-off-the-grid project, Colin's efforts to inform and educate and inspire each of us to make small changes as a way of contributing to the end of the environmental crisis continue on his blog of the same name: No Impact Man.

Meatless Monday is one small change we can all make -- one small way we can positively impact our health and the environment. Plus it's easy and it doesn't cost anything -- in fact, it will cost you a lot less that meatloaf Monday.

Back in early February I featured a series of Indian dishes that make up a substantial, vegetarian Indian meal (pic above).

I thought I'd revisit those dishes by way of encouraging you to think about preparing your evening meal tonight sans meat.

Today's Meatless Monday menu:

Indian Dahl
Spicy Tumeric Potatoes
Spinach Saag and Papadams
And if you fancy making a dessert to go with your meatless Indian meal try some delicious Chai and Spicy Rock Cakes.

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