Thursday, July 1, 2010

Roses with Breakfast

This morning, on my way to breakfast with friends, I popped into my local Whole Foods Market where I noticed the most glorious bunches of roses.

The rose colors were so vibrant and splendid; I stopped, pulled my iphone from my bag, took several photos for posterity, and then bought a bunch.

Once at my friends, we set the table with our shared bounty, whereupon I was delighted by the likeness of the candy-colored roses I'd brought to the colors in our breakfast spread.

There really is nothing more appetizing than fresh, colorful food. Perhaps that's the case because color radiates energy and life, even joy, and certainly beauty.

Food that looks beautiful isn't always delicious, but its beauty inspires our desire to taste nevertheless.

Many years ago, I became quite intoxicated by the rich hue of Chinese-red roses. I bought a bunch, not for the purpose of beautifying my home, but to eat.

I plucked the petals from the buds and tossed them into a large jam pot with water, sugar, and rose water. Well on the way to making rose-petal jelly, my hope was that I'd create a floral jelly rich in color, scent and flavor.

Alas, my jelly was a flop, but don't let my failure deter you. I'm linking here to a recipe that is very straightforward and simple. Try it for yourself and see if you can create a batch of rose petal jelly that rivals the beauty of the rose on the stem -- and do let me know how you get on!

Rose petals not only make heavenly jelly, but you can also eat the petals. Last summer I plucked velvety, ruby-red petals from buds and used them as garnish on a dessert plate of wild strawberries, Colorado peaches, yogurt and honey.

Steep lavender and rose petals in hot water with black tea for a delectable cuppa; you can also add rose petals to green salads for interest, color, and as a talking point!

And did you know that rose petals ground with a little water into a gelatinous paste, then molded into tiny balls, and then dried, are the original rosary beads?

Ah, the versatile rose, so beautiful, you just want to eat them -- and indeed you can, though today, I just gazed at them over breakfast.


Tom said...

i really like your posts Louise. Such lovely receipts and beautiful pictures. Thanks for being so 'you'.


Louise Ross said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your kind comment. I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I've been working at improving the pics I post and it sounds as though it's paying off :)
All the best,

Yogeshwari said...

love the rosary bead history...really great to know!

Maria said...

You have a wonderful blog!

Did you know that you can put dried rose petals, with chamomile and lavender in a hankerchief, then run in under your warm bath water to make a relaxing bath?

It's wonderful.

Louise Ross said...

Thanks Maria, and that's a great tip for "bath time!"


Healthy Answers Girl said...

I love your pictures, simply stunning.

Healthy Answers Girl