Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Sample Grocery Shopping List

So far this month I've posted only one grocery list. However, using the items from that list, I suggested five main meals, two soups, and three lunches (made with leftovers).

Following are some basic steps I adhere to as I prepare to write a grocery list, you might like to keep these in mind as you consider writing your own list:
  • I look through the cupboards and fridge to see what I have and don't have on hand
  • I take into consideration the number of people eating at home that week
  • I think about what I'd like to have on hand to eat for the week, writing down a basic menu plan (perhaps using a couple cook books to help inspire me)
  • I go online looking for coupons, for instance ...
  • I'll check out What's on Sale at Whole Foods
  • I'll also peruse WFs The Whole Deal for coupons
  • And all the while, I'll keep in mind my budget for the week, which for me is around $6o.

Here's my list:
  1. Asparagus (lately it's been on sale for $2.99 lb & you don't need to buy organic)
  2. red bell pepper, onions, potatoes
  3. baby peeled carrots (on sale this week)
  4. broccoli, zucchini, celery
  5. 365 bag frozen spinach, corn
  6. 2 frozen, ready-made organic meals
  7. apples, blackberries (2 cartons for $5 this week)
  8. 365 generic-brand vanilla yogurt
  9. 1/2 loaf of crusty spelt bread (from bakery)
  10. pasta
  11. turkey breast (on sale this week for $4.99 lb)
  12. frozen salmon, tin of sardines
  13. olive / caper tapenade, feta cheese
  14. maple granola, nuts
Even though nutritionists say eating frozen budget meals is not the healthiest habit, I sometimes supplement my groceries with some good quality, organic frozen meals. In the next post I'll show you how I use frozen meals as starters to create several, delicious and nutritious meals.

Using groceries from the list above, I'll post five or more main meals, some lunch suggestions with leftovers, a couple nutritious dishes made from the frozen meals and a simple-gourmet dinner worth sharing with a friend or two.

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