Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday-Night Enchiladas

As a self-professed healthy-food geek (who reads the labels on everything), Amy's boxed and frozen meals are one of the few I'll buy.

And I buy them only when they're on sale and because I like to have what I call "a starter meal" on hand for emergencies, like Friday nights!

Using Amy's cheese enchilada as a starter (there are two enchiladas in a box), I created one simple meal (bottom pic) and one slightly more complex meal (top pic).

The simpler meal is an Amy's Enchilada heated up accompanied by my steamed broccoli --drizzled with olive oil-- sliced, raw yellow bell pepper, sliced tomato and chopped boiled egg.

It took me all of 10 mins to put everything together and it was a complete and satisfying meal.

Note the combination of colors -- frozen meals are often monotone so the easiest way to jazz them up is to add color in the form of fresh vegetables, whatever you have on hand.

If I'm really hungry, frozen dinners are often not enough food, and the more complex of the two dishes I'm featuring today is a substantial meal due too the addition of 3 ounces of a firm-fleshed fish.

Mahi Mahi in White Wine with Vegetables & Cheese Enchilada
1) Chop several spring onions, a couple of mini bell peppers, some broccoli floret, and slice the corn kernels off one corn cob.
2) In a pan heat some oil and toss in the above veggies. Stir over gentle heat for a few minutes.
3) Create a space amongst the veggies and place a fillet of Mahi Mahi (or salmon or your choice of firm fish) into the pan.

4) Pour a half cup of white wine over the fish and veggies. No need to buy wine especially for this because you can use water and the juice of one lemon or a couple of limes instead.
5) Place lid on the pan and cook over med-to-low heat for about 10-15 mins or until the Mahi Mahi is done to your liking.
6) Meanwhile, heat the enchilada until the corn tortilla and cheese inside are soft.

To Serve: Take the heated corn tortilla, put it onto a plate and then open it out flat. Spoon the cooked veggies from your pan onto the corn tortilla, and then place the Mahi Mahi fillet -- I cut the fillet in half, so one fillet will feed two people -- on top of the veggies.

Spoon the cheesy-tomato sauce from the enchilada container into your pan and stir the pan juices into the sauce to create a richer flavored sauce. Pour the sauce over the Mahi Mahi and veggies.

If you did happen to open a bottle of white wine to use as cooking liquid for the veggies and Mahi Mahi, a chilled glass or two with this meal would be an excellent end to the working week!

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