Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clip of Market to Mouth Pilot

On Monday I worked with a team of wonderfully patient and talented people to create a pilot of Market to Mouth.

My intention is to bring this blog to life so that it will inform and entertain a wide audience of food lovers, people who want to learn how to grocery shop and eat on the lean.

The crew shot video footage in the kitchen of the show's guest, Julie, and at Whole Foods Market in Boulder, CO.

In between shoots, Julie took photos and some footage on her camera, which I then turned into this short video.

The real pilot is still in the editing room --
stay tuned for a teaser!

Meanwhile, I'll continue posting my written blogs with recession-strategy tips and tricks for shopping and cooking simple gourmet meals on a budget.

Later next week, I'll be featuring a young professional couple who asked me if I could help them out. Apparently they're "bad deal shoppers" and they want to learn how to become "good deal shoppers."

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