Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here We Grow The Movie

In keeping with the theme d'jour, I'm featuring a local, Whole Foods Market vendor but the product is not food; it's a documentary about food and "natural food wisdom!"

Here We Grow the movie is the baby of Craig King, a Boulder natural foods chef. Four years in the making, his documentary is being released nationwide today through Whole Foods Market.

You will find his DVD at WFs check-out, so do support Craig's extraordinary effort and buy a copy when next you're at WFs.

I met Craig earlier this year over coffee. We swapped stories about our projects, which at the core share a similar theme: educating the public on eating well for less.

But where my intention is to educate through the written word, Craig's intention is to educate through film and his spin-off community projects.

On the Here We Grow website, I read that Craig intends a portion of revenue from DVD sales to go to supporting the Healthy School Lunch Program spearheaded by his friend, chef Ann Cooper.

However Craig's personal vision is wellness solutions. Here's what he has to say about that:

"I intend to develop a way to bring improved health and nutrition to the areas where it is needed most. Through underwriting from Whole Foods and many other natural food manufacturers in cooperation with
Here We Grow, I want to build the prototype for this system. In many urban areas there are no options for fresh, clean, healthy food. Many kids in these neighborhoods are only exposed to fast food, gas stations and the typical strip mall eateries.

In my model, which is tentatively entitled Whole Pantry, we will build a 4,000 square foot store that is modeled after a pantry. It would consist of grains, legumes, herbs, spices, a selection of both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as other simple items that are necessary to stock and create a healthy pantry. It would be all natural and organic—and because of the underwriting and support of the natural food community—the cost of goods would be very competitive with fast food chains, gas stations, and quick marts. By creating both the access and the affordable pricing in areas where they have not existed before, Whole Pantry will overcome two of the biggest obstacles that prevent children from receiving what they really need."

I love Craig's vision of a wellness solution to the urban plight of children who, when not given the chance to learn how to nourish themselves properly, all too often suffer from obesity and diabetes.

Craig says that "where Here We Grow ends is where the Whole Pantry begins."

If you believe in his vision, gift yourself or someone in your life Craig's DVD. Your support will help contribute to making real his incredibly worthy mission.

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