Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Skillet Meals with Chicken

I receive Whole Foods email newsletter. I like to keep abreast of What's on Sale and I tend to take advantage of the deals listed in the newsletter.

However, the deal I'm about to mention wasn't listed in the newsletter. It was written on a sandwich-board sign in front of my neighborhood WFs and I rearranged my Saturday morning schedule just so I could take advantage of the $20 store voucher on offer.

As dictated by the sign, all I had to do was turn up at the WFs parking area between 11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. on Saturday and test drive a Subaru. (I also had to volunteer my email address and I have received a couple Subaru marketing emails since, but only two.)

After the test drive, I received my voucher whereupon I popped into WFs and spent it, but sorry Subaru, I didn't then dash over to your dealership and buy one of your cars.

I spent the $20 on protein items, enough to last me about 10 days. And I think most of the meat protein I bought with my voucher was on sale -- so it was a double-deal day for me!

Yesterday, WFs email newsletter announced a one-day sale on whole natural chickens. I may take advantage of this deal too, since I love to have chicken pieces on hand for creating easy skillet meals.

Cast iron skillets are terrific for creating flavorful, one-pot style meals as pictured above. I have two skillets, one that was made in Taiwan, which my mother gave me for my birthday one year (she always gave practical gifts, like kitchen ware and bath towels, unfortunately), and my mother's skillet which I inherited when she died.

The made-in-Taiwan skillet is not as good as my mother's skillet; it's not as solid, and even though it's bigger (and thus it's good for preparing meals for 2 or more), I rarely use it because it feels too flimsy.

The funny thing about my mother's skillet is that it's made in the U.S. but she bought it in Australia. And then when I inherited it, I bought it back with me to the U.S., which means the skillet I use most in my kitchen is the transpacific one.

I've already posted the recipe for the skillet chicken dish pictured at the top; it's Chicken and Tomatoes with Lime.

The veggies in the skillet to the left are squash which once chopped, went into making the dish in the pic just above and to the right. Seasonal green veggies simmered in chicken stock with herbs and a chicken leg -- it's terribly easy, delicate in flavor, and it takes no time at all to make.

Skillet Chicken with Seasonal Greens & Herbs
For stove-top skillet-style casseroles, I use the dark meat, like the thighs or whole quarters, since they remain succulent when simmered.
1) Add chicken pieces to your skillet with enough water to gently simmer chicken for 45 mins. Add a couple smashed garlic cloves, a piece of peeled ginger root (optional). Place lid on skillet.
2) While chicken is cooking, chop an onion and your choice of seasonal greens, like squash, kale, bok choi, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and for additional color, you might like to add some chunks of pumpkin or chopped carrots.
3) Around the 45-min mark, remove the chicken pieces from the skillet and put on a plate. Cover with foil and keep warm.
4) Toss veggies into chicken broth and gently simmer about 15 mins or until veggies are done.
5) Add some chopped fresh herbs like parsley and basil, or parsley and tarragon, or sage and parsley -- whatever you fancy. Mix the chopped herbs through the veggies.
6) Place chicken pieces on top of veggies, dot with a little butter, and season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

To Serve: Buttered rice, buttered jacket potatoes or oiled pasta go well with skillet meals, particularly if there's lots of juice to mop up with the rice, potato or pasta.

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Looks quite good and relatively simple to make. Yum!